I present you the 

training video "How to quickly and easily create banners from scratch"

Practice  - the best teacher. Can not learn to swim by reading a textbook, so de, it is impossible to learn how to create banners, reading relevant books. Of course, you need to look and then do only immediately repeating the author at some point you will understand how and what to do and be able to then have to create their own high quality banners and do it quickly.

In the video course  "How to quickly and easily create banners from scratch"  I invested all his accumulated experience that got me hard work, years of searching for the best solutions, the cost of trial and error.

Coming this video you will be taught the necessary skills and be able to:

Customize Photoshop so that the process of creating a banner was fast and fun

Forget about the current layout on your computer. It is not just you typed some text, long and hard, but when the eyes out of the keyboard, it turned out that he was recruited to another layout and instead of text you flaunts Abracadabra. Does not hurt? Spent so much time

Easily adapt the layout on your hands you have the source code is not of a size that you need, but still not in the format

Install and configure only the necessary additions to the browser. Use of which will solve many problems and reduce your development time banner

Check any font that is used on a Web page, easily and quickly translate unknown text or download any file now will not be difficult. After all, we, designers often visit foreign websites in search of the necessary resources for dummies. Here and brush need to download a new collection of styles and borrow ...

Instantly find an idea for your design, if you suddenly thought about it No

Forget about the creative mess on the desktop and a long search of the desired folder that you opened. A special program will solve this problem. Now you can create multiple tabs and it does not confuse them

10-20 minutes to create beautiful banners, and the remaining time to spend on something that cracked his colleagues or simply blow away the cobwebs. Work should be fun

To work quickly on the keyboard with both hands. Yes. Left hand, we also come in handy. For nefig poke a finger on the keyboard trying to type text and stupidly wasting time, and so that it becomes less and less

If you're a blogger - you do not pay freelancers for making another banner. Do they already own. There is easy. I'll teach

And in the end, you may discover a new source of additional income. Sit at home and make people a little happier that you drew them super banner but still so fast :)

There are several ways to teach:

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The first way -  you can independently learn the creation of banners, such as reading thematic forums, flipping through a book or studying lessons. If you do not mind your time, you can search for materials on this topic, but you have to pass through a large number of poor-quality information.

The second way -  to attend courses or training. The method of course is good, but a little expensive and very uncomfortable.

The third way -   you can always develop your own solution to your problem.

But WHY?  

Why do you spend this much time, money and energy  

if I had already done it for you!

Look at that contains a training course

Introduction . You will meet with me and I will tell you what to do to become a fast designer.

The theoretical part.  Here you will learn what the banners, what sizes are, what purpose they serve and see the vivid examples of what you can not create banners.

Arsenal designer.  you will meet amazing programs that at times raise work efficiency and help you save time when working on the banner.

For what you did to the usual static banner (this is just a picture without blinks with a link to your site), you will have to pay from  700  to  2,000 rubles . Price certainly can vary from your query, naturally upward. And if you want to later change any information in the banner, you will need it for web studio pay.

Maybe better to  learn how to  make these banners? Especially because this is no big deal.

Not only can you  save  quite decent money doing it all yourself, but also good  to make performing commercial orders!

Finally, Conclusion.  summarize and you learn the rules of communication with peculiar customers, and learn to help your progress as a webmaster.

As a result, the total duration of the course was about  5:00 ,  22 lessons .

In addition to the course included:

All PSD source used in all video tutorials.

Crib hotkey program Photoshop (be sure to print it and hang it in a prominent place. When creating a design, use these hot keys, and very soon you'll be using them on autopilot).

Trainer "Solo on the keyboard" + Russian course on its study.

Program assistants, which were discussed in the course.